A 'purrrfect' first year for a Kansas City cat cafe

Rebecca Crockett
November 22, 2019 - 4:00 am
Black cat looking out window

Whiskers Cat Cafe


Kansas City, MO -  A year ago Audrey Boese took a risk - opening a cat-centric cafe with high hopes for success.

During its first year in business, the Whiskers Cat Cafe, at 37th and SW Trafficway, has held numerous cat yoga sessions, painting with cats parties, as well as working with KC Pet Project to get 167 felines adopted.

"It was really overwhelming in the beginning. It was incredibly exciting and fast paced, and there was definitely a learning curve," says Audrey Boese.

And Boese says it's been a success. 

"Everything we do we put the cats first, and then everything else kind of falls into place. If we are taking care of them and their needs and not overwhelming or stressing them out, it creates a good environment that people also enjoy."

A big part of the experience at the cafe is interacting with shelter cats. Those looking to adopt can spend an hour in the cafe just hanging out with the cats, getting to know the animal's personality.

Boese says she's over-the-moon excited that she followed through on opening Whiskers. 

"I had multiple opportunities to back out because it was too difficult or all sorts of excuses. I'm really glad I stuck with it because the reward is so high when you see cats going to good families," explains Boese.

The cafe is having a Birthday Celebration on November 23rd with kittens on-site, a silent auction, and trivia games with KC Trivia Geeks.

Tickets can be purchased online with 100% of the proceeds going back to the cats.

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