KCPS has 155 buses that run on cleaner-burning propane fuel

Marc LaVoie
August 13, 2019 - 8:12 am

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Students in the Kansas City Public School District may notice something different on their way back to class -- the district says that 155 of its buses are now powered by propane gas.

The buses are noticeably quieter, they cost less to operate and they have low emissions, said Chris Walls, KCPS director of transportation.

"Every dollar we save out of our transportation budget goes back into the classroom," Walls said.

The Type C propane buses were a perfect fit for the school district, Walls said. The school district joins more than 900 school districts that use propane-powered school buses.

The district has also activated an app called "Where's My Bus" that parents can use to locate their children.

"Parents, free of charge, can track where their students are," Wells said.

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