KCPD chief to dissolve mounted patrol, cites need for more detectives on the street

Marc LaVoie
November 19, 2019 - 9:31 pm
Mounted patrol officers ride their horses.



Kansas City, MO -  Months after the decision was made to keep the KCPD Mounted Patrol unit, Chief Rick Smith announced Tuesday the unit will be disbanded.

Smith cited growing homicide numbers and violent crime rates, along with the need for more investigators on the streets, in his decision to disband the unit.

“Reducing violent crime is my top priority, and the Board has communicated that is theirs, as well,” Smith said. “This decision is based solely on putting our limited resources where they are most needed to address that priority.”

The eight officers involved will be reassigned within the department, which will allow eight additional detectives to be assigned to the homicide unit.

Smith said the mounted patrol unit was a great example of the department and community working together.

The horses used in the unit were donated to the department and will be returned to their original owners. The stable facility is owned by Kansas City Parks and Recreation, police said, and the department thanks them for the use of the facility over the years.

Smith added KCPD will explore options for a multi-jurisdictional mounted patrol unit in the future.

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