No home internet, no cable TV, no cellular data: This KC woman is the ultimate cord cutter.

KMBZ News Staff
October 25, 2019 - 5:45 am

simpson33 / Getty Images


Kansas City, MO -  Could you go without Internet, cable TV, streaming services or even cellular data? One local woman has been living like that for years.

"It was just a matter of finances. Things got too expensive," says Nancy. 

Nancy said she was paying hundreds of dollars every year for channels she never watched, and didn't need. She says she's not very tech savvy, and was never impressed that much by all things internet.

Though if she does need to check email or do some research, she goes to a local library. She's not totally cut off from TV, either. 

"Where I work, we have a television on in our lobby, so I can stay up-to-date with that," Nancy said. "I switch back and forth between local stations all the time."

The savings have just been too great for Nancy to think about going back to being connected.

However, she has considered adding Internet at home, so her shiny new tablet can be put to work, and her grand kids can finally stop complaining about not being able to catch up on the latest Tik Tok when visiting grandma's house. 

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