KC teen launches fundraiser, pickleball tourney for suicide prevention

Marc LaVoie
October 28, 2019 - 8:15 am
four people play pickleball, a game like tennis with a wiffle ball

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Kansas City, MO - Three of his peers have committed suicide since his freshman year, and now high school senior Christian Taylor is putting on his own fundraiser to bring more attention to mental health and teen suicide.

He's organized All Hands in KC, which runs from 5pm to 8pm on Sunday, Nov. 3, at Chicken N Pickle in North Kansas City.

"Sending my signal out to the universe that this is my goal and this is what I wanted to do, doors continued to open," Taylor said. "Left and right, (doors) were just opening and opening, because I put my heart and soul into this and I really care about it."

Chicken N Pickle was quick to donate its event space, free of charge.

Taylor contacted mental health professionals, speakers... and a fundraiser was born. And a pickleball tournament as well. 


"He's always been pretty special, so I'm not surprised," said mother Mimi Taylor. "Any parent would be proud of what their kid's doing, but this is pretty spectacular. I'm enormously proud of all that he's endeavored to do."

Mimi is promoting a free, downloadable app called Ripple Notes, which tracks acts of kindness and helps people create deeper human connections.

People who feel involved in other peoples lives are less likely to feel suicidal, she reasons.

Taylor says people who are thinking about suicide should know that they are valued and there are people who care, and says he's had his own struggles with anxiety and depression, but he chose not to turn inward in the face of young people taking their own lives.

"I really do believe that, with the help of so many professionals, and so many opportunities and so many resources that we have today, that they'll be able to find the help they need," Taylor said.

All the money from the event goes toward organizations that support mental health and suicide prevention. 

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