KC tech startup wants to make travel easier

Rebecca Crockett
October 04, 2019 - 4:00 am

Balate Dorin/Getty


Kansas City, MO - It all started when a group of friends were planning a trip to Italy. They were looking for a platform where they could easily share their ideas as a group but couldn't find one. Kim Naramore says her friend Jillian Carlile's frustrations got her thinking.

"About a week later I came back to her and said I think we have something here. That's when we hit the ground running and started working on TravelHive, explains Naramore. 

Travel Hive is a tool that gathers all your planning into one place, and can easily be shared in a group. Naramore has been selected to present the idea at Kansas City's Pure Pitch Rally on October 15th. Pure Pitch is like tv's Shark Tank, except these sharks are landlocked and won't be taking a percentage of the business. 

Naramore says she's feeling a little nervous about the pitch, "But I'll listen to Lizo, get myself pumped up, and then I'm hoping while I'm up there, if I start kind of getting nervous, I'll start playing some of her lyrics in my head."

The 40 investors, called "land sharks," will each have a thousand dollars to throw toward the idea they want to support most. TravelHive is one of eight tech startups on deck to present.

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