KC pizzeria tosses records as business booms in pandemic

KMBZ News Staff
May 08, 2020 - 12:03 pm
a man makes a pizza pie, sprinkling shredded cheese

Getty / dturphoto

Kansas City, MO - While local restaurants have scrambled to survive during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, one Northland pizzeria is thriving. 

It's been a couple of record setting weeks at Leo's Pizza off Englewood at US 169 in KC, North. 

According to co-owner Leo Accurso, business has been up 35% - 50% each night since the public health safety measures went into place around the KC Metro in late-March. 

And beyond the better business, delivery customers are tipping quite nicely. Accurso says his nephew recently "made $235 on 20 deliveries.”

Last weekend they made 180 pizzas in one night, he says.

Accurso says demand is so high, it's forcing him to add back-up suppliers to deal with supply chain interruptions. 

"I now have three different distributors, just in case someone doesn’t have something," he says.

Accurso says he hasn’t seen so many orders since his grandmother died five years ago, when customers showed support by buying a lot of pizza pies.



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