KC Pet Project offers cheaper adoptions through Mother's Day

Kara Marxer
May 10, 2019 - 4:22 am

Bogdan Kurylo - iStock - Getty Images Plus


The Kansas City Pet Project took in almost a thousand animals in April, an unanticipated record number for a month that is well before the typical summer rush.

More strays are being brought into the shelter, and very few people show up to claim their pets.

"Many of them have no identification on them," said Tori Fugate, KC Pet Project spokeswoman. "We'll see a lot of animals that have collars, but no tags on them. A lot of microchipped pets will come in that don't have any owner information attached to them, or that information is out of date."

KC Pet Project is holding a Mother's Day adoption special, starting Friday. The shelter is offering half price adoptions though the weekend.

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