KC Metro teens explore health & science in medical summer camp

Dan Weinbaum
June 13, 2018 - 2:53 pm

Overland Park, KS - This is not your typical summer camp experience.  They're not making tie-dye t-shirts. There's no archery, basketweaving or campfires.

Instead, 13 teens from the Blue Springs School District have donned lab coats and are studying anatomy, physiology and biochemistry as part of a free, hands-on, interactive camp put on by Cleveland University-Kansas City. 

Sylvia Perry will be a junior at Blue Springs South High this fall.  "I am loving it, every single bit," she says.

On the day we attended the camp, the students were learning about force mechanics used in chiropractic manipulations using mannequins on high-tech force response tables.

Earlier in the day, the students were exploring knee joints and other body parts on very real cadavers.

"Oh I loved it!" said Sylvia. "I loved the brain, because it looks like little worms all connected (laughs)!"

"We worked with the superintendent at the school district to design this specifically for students,"  said Dr. Cheryl Carpenter-Davis who oversees Academic Affairs at CUKC. "Often times students don't get these opportunities."

Allia Shelby teaches biomedical science at Blue Springs High. "I love letting the kids see a real hands on experience, something we're limited in the classroom," she shared. "We have great resources, but it cannot compare to a clinical setting."

Sylvia said, "I hope to get a better look at maybe pursuing what I want to be, or change my career to a different health profession."

And then added that unlike other summer camps, "the food is great! I really like the food (laughs)."


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