KC Metro first responders see through bogus offers of PPE

Marc LaVoie
April 29, 2020 - 9:56 am
a medical worker wearing gloves holds an N95 style facemask

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Kansas City, MO - First responders are reporting they're getting calls from con-artists who are trying to make a fast buck off of the COVID-19 crisis.

First responder agencies around the Metro say they're getting cold calls from people who say they have access to lots of personal protection equipment (PPE), like N95 masks and medical gloves.

"Promising that they have stuff inbound, and don't, and they're wanting money up front," says Fire Chief Dave Hargis, North Kansas City Fire Department.

PPE, including N95 masks, are pretty much sold out across the country, and legitimate suppliers are taking back orders.

Chief Hargis says he's not aware of any of his colleagues falling for the flim-flam scams. 

"We're pretty savvy to a lot of that stuff," says Hargis. "We have our known vendors, that are actually coming through and have equipment, because it's very scarce."

He says his department went through similar conditions during the H1N1 pandemic of 2009, only that crisis was nowhere near as bad. 


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