KC man charged with murder in shooting death of 71-year-old woman near downtown

KMBZ News Staff
January 17, 2019 - 2:01 pm

Kansas City, MO - A 25-year-old Kansas City man is facing a murder charge accused of fatally shooting a woman driving near the Downtown Loop early Wednesday.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced charges against Dakkota S. Siders, 25,  of 2nd degree Murder, along with Unlawful Possession and Use of a Firearm, Armed Criminal Action and Delivery of a Controlled Substance.

According to court records Kansas City police found Barbara Harper, 71, shot to death in her vehicle at I-70 West near the I-35 entrance ramp around 3am Wednesday, January 16th.

More information was released from the prosecutor's office:

Police detectives looked at surveillance video from city cameras which showed another vehicle speeding behind the victim's vehicle before the victim's vehicle swerves and strikes the guard rail.

The vehicle speeding behind her vehicle exited onto Harrison Street from Interstate 70. Other video detected the sounds of two gunshots and showed the subject vehicle. Police determined the license plate number on the suspect vehicle and conducted surveillance on the residence associated with the plate. The defendant pulled into the driveway of that residence in what appeared to be the same vehicle. While he was arrested, police found a 9 mm handgun in his waistband, another 9 mm under his armpit, a large amount of cash and an I-phone.

Another handgun was found inside as well as three pounds of marijuana with scales and sandwich baggies.

During the investigation, detectives also learned of a disturbance and shots being fired near the Shady Lady on East 12th Street shortly before the homicide.

Analysis of spent shell casing revealed they and those found near the homicide scene were fired from the same gun. Detectives believe the victim's vehicle may have been mistakenly targeted by the defendant after the Shady Lady incident. 

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