KC councilmembers frustrated over KCI delays

Bill Grady
January 11, 2019 - 7:19 am

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As groundbreaking is delayed for a new terminal at KCI, Kansas City councilman Quinton Lucas is raising questions about financing for the project.

Three ordinances are headed to the airport committee on which Lucas serves. One authorizes issuance of airport obligation bonds, but has a provision allowing interfund borrowing. That means money could be shifted from other areas, like the water department, for example.

"The promise that we made to the voters was that this was going to be a privately financed, or at least a quasi-private financed project," Lucas said. "That's not what this is looking like if you look through those last three ordinances."

Lucas expects the question of bonds to come up at next week's airport committee meeting.

There is still no agreement among the airlines on sharing the cost for the new $20-million baggage handing system.

Several members of the city council have expressed frustration over delays in advancing the KCI project. Councilmembers Teresa Loar and Jermaine Reed exchanged harsh words during public comments. 

Mayor Sly James sought to soothe peoples' nerves.

"There's nothing that's strange, or weird or scary about this process," said Mayor Sly James. "Everybody just needs to calm down -- this is a normal business process on a project this size."

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