KC considers dumping trash contractors, handling all collections in-house

Kara Marxer
February 28, 2019 - 6:45 am

It could take several years, but Kansas City could end its contracts with a couple of solid waste companies and start handling trash collection all on its own.

Council members are considering a resolution that would have city employees handle trash collection across Kansas City. Outside contractors currently handle the Northland and the south side. In recent years the number of complaints has increased dramatically, especially from people who live up north.

When complaints combined with a big price increase from the contractors, City Manager Troy Schulte said it was time to star looking for new options.

"For years we had great reliability," Schulte said. "We would run, basically, 400 calls a week, and when you thought about a 160,000 collections on that weekly basis, it was a phenomenally efficient and effective service delivery. Something has changed."

Solid waste officials say the city could save about $2 million a year by handling trash internally, but some council members expressed reservations about the high cost of buying 23 new trash trucks and keeping them fully staffed.

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