Kansas House grants first round approval to Medicaid expansion

AP News Staff
March 21, 2019 - 7:26 am

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A plan for expanding Medicaid in Kansas has won first-round approval in the Republican-controlled House.

The vote Wednesday was 70-54 in favor of a bill that contains Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly's plan for expanding Medicaid health coverage to as many as 150,000 additional people with a few key changes. The House is expected to take another, final vote Thursday to determine whether the measure goes to the Senate.

The House's action is a significant victory for Medicaid expansion supporters. They showed they have enough votes to advance a proposal over the strong objections of GOP leaders. Kelly's plan had been bottled up in committees in both chambers.

One key change to Kelly's plan ends the expansion if the federal government stops covering 90 percent of the cost.

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