Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City Zoo's chimpanzee matriarch Patty dies at 55

April 13, 2018 - 11:43 am

Kansas City, MO - The matriarch of the chimpanzee troop at the Kansas City Zoo has died at the age of 55. 

Patty was one of the oldest female chimpanzees at an AZA-accredited Zoo, living well beyond the 37-year average life expectancy for a female chimpanzee, according to zoo officials.

Because of her declining health associated with her advanced age, zookeepers made the decision to euthanize her.

Patty was born in Africa and had been at the Zoo since 1966.

With her freckled face and spunky attitude, she was a favorite of Zoo guests. 

Patty did not have any children of her own but did serve as a surrogate mom to Dafina and was helping to look after chimpanzee youngsters Milo and Ruw, said zoo officials.



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