Kansas City voters to determine penalty for marijuana possession

Kara Marxer
April 03, 2017 - 4:34 am

Kansas City voters will decide Tuesday whether to greatly reduce penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuaua. 

Supporters of Question 5 will be out near the polls tomorrow, handing out information on what the decriminalization measure really means. 

This is not legalization, said Jamie Kacz with NORML KC.

"We're not telling people that this will make marijuana legal," Kacz said. "It's just reducing the penalties and that's very important for people to understand."

Question 5 would mean anyone 21 and older caught with under an ounce of weed would get a ticket with a $25 fine in Kansas City.   

City prosecutors say there are downsides to the measure. 

Offenders would have to plead guilty to possession of a controlled substance, which doesn't look good in background checks, and they would not be eligible to hire free public defenders to help make sure the charge doesn't show up on their records.

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