A Kansas City teen putts around and builds a YouTube career

Rebecca Crockett
October 28, 2019 - 4:00 am
young man balancing ball on golf club

GM Golf


Kansas City, KS - He's been making videos since he was nine, but when Garrett Clark asked his parents for an Instagram account to post his golf trick shot videos, they didn't want him on social media.

He explained that those videos could get him noticed by a college recruiter and that's all it took to convince them.

"ESPN shared some of my trick shots, and because of that, somehow I ended up losing my NCAA eligibility for college golf. I guess it was like they were making money off my likeness," explains Clark.

Instead of walking away, Clark got serious about posting his videos. And his YouTube channel, GM Golf, has grown to nearly 170,000 subscribers with his videos being seen millions of times.

His parent's backyard has been transformed into his trick shot training ground, including a full size putting green. 

"It wraps around the house, I think it's about 910 square feet. And the one of the things I would do on Instagram with these trick shots, is I would set up these concrete slabs and hit golf shots back and forth, so obviously we have a lot of that," says Clark.

After 30,000 subscribers, the 19-year-old brought on two friends Stephen and Matt to  help. The channel continues to grow and now his father is getting involved to help handle the not-so-fun business side of things.

Clark has advice for those who dream of one day becoming a YouTube star:

"Filming videos is not about making money, and a lot of people get caught up in - 'how do I get famous, how do I make money at this' - it's like, no, that shouldn't be your original goal. Your only goal should be, how do I have fun with this, how do I make videos I enjoy."


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