Kansas City swelters, ERs see rise in heat-related issues

KMBZ News Staff
June 14, 2018 - 3:31 pm

Kansas City, MO - A late Spring heat wave continues for the KC Metro with shade temperatures pushing 100 degrees and heat indexes well above that.

And there looks to be no break for the coming weekend.

The unseasonable weather has led to a spike at Metro hospitals of people suffering from heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Dr. Stefanie Ellison at Truman Medical Center says they'll see anywhere from 2 to 10 patients per day when it's this hot. 

We've dealt with this heat before.  But it's been a while since we've felt August-like temps in May and June for this long.

If you start to feel flushed and hot with excessive sweating, and start to get body cramps or feel nauseous, you're suffering from heat exhaustion... its time to get out of the sun, cool off and drink plenty of fluids.

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