Kansas City police officers take 152 kids shopping for Christmas

Bill Grady
December 14, 2017 - 4:08 am

Fraternal Order of Police members from Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas joined forces to take children Christmas shopping as part of a program they call Cops and Kids. 

Officers took youngsters shopping at the Ward Parkway Mall.Area McDonald's owner-operators sponsored the event, providing funds for $100 gift cards redeemable at Target.

"Dog toys," said one girl who was asked what she was looking for. "My dogs never get anything for Christmas -- and also these -- they're very cute, Num Noms."

Num Noms are little scented toys, sort of like anthropomorphic cupcakes. 

Judith, 10, needed some help in making out a list. KMBZ's Bill Grady offered her some assistance from the North Pole.

"See this white beard?" Bill asked Judith, who answered affirmatively. "See this red that I'm wearing, see that big belly? I'm Santa Claus' brother."

In its second year, the program served 152 kids who were recommended by churches and social service agencies.

Officers from several Kansas City-area agencies have developed charitable programs that serve needy kids during the holidays. 

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