Kansas City mechanic refurbishes bicycles to help homeless people

Michael Ronnebaum
July 06, 2017 - 7:06 am

Once unable to kick his drug habit, a Kansas City man devotes himself to providing free bicycles to the homeless. 

Kevin Colbert, 54, fixes up bicycles on a property at 3269 Gilham Road. He can usually be found there, surrounded by dozens of two-wheelers.

Colbert doesn't charge money for the bicycles, but there is a requirement to do some work for the community.

"You put your hours in, your ten hours of community service, and I'll get you your ride," he said. 

In partnership with Hope Faith Ministries and BikeWalkKC, Colbert works all day fixing bikes so the city's homeless can have a way to get around town. 

"You say, I want that bike right there -- I'll set you up, get you the tools you need," Colbert said.

Colbert takes pride in his work. He personally inspects all of his bicycles before handing them off.

"All them 40 bikes gotta be safety checked to go out."

Colbert's goal is to be with BikeWalkKC for as long as possible so he can provide a means of transportation for people who don't have one. 

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