Kansas City Election Board expects low turnout for KCI vote

Public transportation is free on election day

Jim Cunningham
November 07, 2017 - 5:24 am

Kansas City International Airport


Kansas City voters decide Tuesday whether to move forward with a new terminal at KCI airport. 

While voter turnout is projected to be low, anxiety could be high for supporters of the plan to replace the 45-year-old horseshoe-shaped terminals. 

The day before the election, Kansas City election board director Shawn Kieffer hoped people wouldn't second-guess getting out to vote.

"Based on what we're seeing in our absentee department, which is slower than we expected, and due to the colder weather that's anticipated, we're expecting about a 15 to 20 percent turnout," Kieffer said. 

The new voter ID law is now in place, which means voters need government-issued form of identification. Polling places would accept old voter ID cards, college ID's or utility bills, Kieffer said. 

Voters without proper identification will be issued provisional ballots and will be evaluated later to determine whether they are eligible to vote.

The Kansas City Election Board has posted all the rules on its website

City bus rides are free on election day, said Robbie Makinen, KCATA director. Buses in Wyandotte County, Johnson County and Independence are also free while the polls are open. 

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