Kansas City councilman wants fewer secrets in KCI bidding process

Bill Grady
August 08, 2017 - 5:44 am

Talk of internal leaks dominates the discussion in City Hall as another deadline approaches this week for bidders interested in building a billion-dollar terminal at Kansas City International Airport.

The four firms that are interested in building the terminal have until Thursday to turn in their financial data. 

Mayor Sly James is so concerned about leaks of proprietary information he's considered ethics complaints against council members.

The mayor's comments are not sitting well with some of his colleagues in the council. 

Quinton Lucas of the third district told KMBZ there has not been enough transparency in the bidding process.

"Why has there been so much secrecy around it?" Lucas asked. "The public has a right to know what's going on with the airport issue and there are lots of ways to share, not disclosing confidential information, in connection with this project."

A public vote on the airport is in November.

Lucas said he urged the mayor and fellow council members to share whatever information they can.

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