Kansas City community honors former service members ahead of Veterans Day

Bill Grady
November 10, 2017 - 4:44 am

Saturday the United States remembers the people who served the country in the military, but in Kansas City, some people chose not to wait until Veterans Day. 

Several residents of St Michael's Veterans Center were honored as heroes Thursday night. They were presented with medals at a special ceremony. 

Vietnam-era combat veteran Carl Yonkers remembers coming back home and clashing with anti-war protestors. He had trouble adjusting and ended up homeless. His life improved when he found St. Michael's.

Yonkers was cited for outstanding service while in the Army, but he told KMBZ he doesn't consider himself heroic.

"I did what I was supposed to do -- the man said go do it, I did it," Yonkers said.

Asked if Americans are patriotic enough, Yonkers was non-judgemental.

"I think that's on an individual basis," Yonkers said. "I think that's a question we all need to ask ourselves."

Yonkers said St Michael's Center has given him a sense of family, since his neighbors are also former military personnel. The environment has helped him realize people do appreciate his service.

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