Jungerman charged with murder in the death of KC attorney Thomas Pickert

Prosecutor: He admitted to the murder on tape

April 11, 2018 - 12:40 pm

Kansas City, MO - The Jackson County Prosecutor has filed a murder charge against David Jungerman, 80, of Raytown for the shooting death of attorney Thomas Pickert on the front walk of his Brookside home on October 25, 2017.  

Read the charging documents

Jungerman was under scrutiny after the shooting death, but was declared not a suspect by police in November.

Prior to the shooting, Pickert had won a lawsuit against Jungerman in the amount of $5.75 million.  The day before the murder, Jungerman had been served property liens by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Announcing the murder charge, Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker revealed that Jungerman spoke to a witness about killing a lawyer and getting away with it, claiming the lawyer had stolen his money.

Also, that Jungerman had accidently recorded himself talking to an employee about a .17 caliber rifle and shooting Pickert.

According to court records, police say Pickert had been shot once by a .17 caliber bullet.  They say they found an unspent .17 caliber bullet in Jungerman's vehicle during a search.

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