Johnson County Election Office in dire need of more poll workers

Kara Marxer
October 25, 2018 - 6:28 am

Johnson County Election Office


With only a dozen days left before Election Day, the Johnson County Election Office is understaffed and in need of 200 to 300 poll workers.

To become a poll worker, applicants must be registered voters in Johnson County. They are also required to take a training class that requires about four to five hours, said Ronnie Metsker, Election Commissioner.

"We have the training class in the classroom, plus we have the laboratory where they go in, and we call that practice makes perfect, where they put the hands on the machine and they practically learn how to run the equipment," Metsker said.

Visit the Johnson County Election Office webpage to sign up.

"There's a small stipend, a compensation for those who serve, but most people do it because they love their country and they want to give back," Metsker said.

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