JOCO District Attorney: Shooting death of suicidal teen by police was justified

Unnamed officer has left the department

February 20, 2018 - 11:44 am

In January, police were called to an Overland Park home on the report of a suicidal teen.

That teen - John Albers, 17 - was shot to death by an officer when he pulled out of a garage in a minivan.

Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe has ruled that shooting was justified, and that the officer would not face charges in the death.  The officer has since quit the police force.

Howe says the officer fired 13 shots in total - two as Albers slowly backed out of an open garage, then fired 11 more as the minivan whipped around.

Video released by Howe shows the dashcam view of the shooting.  The garage opens around the 6:15 minute mark.

In a press conference, Howe said that the shooting demonstrates the need for more mental health resources.

Officers, including those with mental health training, never got a chance to speak with Albers because he was backing out of his driveway as officers pulled up on scene.

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