JaxCo Board of Equalization votes to cap assessment increases

Bill Grady
July 09, 2019 - 4:35 am

Tinnakorn Jorruang - iStock - Getty Images Plus


The way Jackson County property values are assessed could be overhauled.

For some homeowners, valuations in 2019 increased by more than 200 percent. The county board of equalization announced Monday it was extending the appeals deadline until July 29. 

Board member Preston Smith, who represents the Blue Springs school district, wants to protect the people with the biggest hikes by capping assessment increases at 14 percent. Increases in Smith's plan would step down incrementally to 12 percent, with some valuations remaining the same.

"If the county is not able to correct these revenues and get them certified in October, subdivisions like the school districts, they are not going to know how to set their levies, so they're going to put their levies really high," Smith said.

The board could vote on Smith's proposal next month. There is still no solid explanation as to why property taxes remained stable several years before the sudden spike.

"State law, it says, when you have an assessment that is done so incorrectly, you have to essentially do a do-over," Smith said. "We're there." 

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