Prosecutor shifts resources to fight violent crime in Jackson County

Bill Grady
October 03, 2019 - 6:43 am
Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker official portrait, standing in front of courthouse

Jackson County Prosecutor's Office


Kansas City, MO - The Jackson County prosecutor’s office is hanging out the “help wanted" sign.

Jean Peters Baker says it is time for a more proactive approach in preventing violent crime, instead of dealing with its aftermath. She decided to invest in a crime strategy unit.

"This will enable us to focus our attention on Kansas City's most violent, the violent drivers of the city," Baker said. "We are setting our time and attention on them."

The unit will use data to identify the most violent individuals and assign the right resources to cut down on repeated offenses, Baker said. Statistical analysis will be used, such as number of arrests, types of crimes and number of convictions.

"If we believe this particular individual is driving the violence in the city we want to have an appropriate touch on that person," Baker said. "We want to make sure we're presenting accurate information to a court, to a defense counsel, on those individuals."

Jackson County legislators approved Baker’s request in September to reallocate $225,000 within her budget to create the unit. Applications are now being accepted

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