Jackson Co Prosecutor

Jackson County Prosecutor launches program to help crime victims

March 28, 2018 - 12:26 pm

Kansas City, MO - The Jackson County Prosecutor announced a new program today to aid the victims of crime.

The program - Caring for Crime Survivors - will place a special emphasis on gun violence victims, according to prosecutor Jean Peters Baker, and look to build better relations between law enforcement, the criminal justice system and the victims of crime.

"This program will place an emphasis on helping crime survivors," Baker said. "We are doing it before a case is filed and even if a case is never filed."

Too often, she said, witnesses of violence and shootings have little support. 

Baker said she hopes this program sends a message to those don't feel the 'system' works for them or offers no comfort.

The Ad Hoc Group Against Crime and Jackson County COMBAT are partners in the new program. 

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