Jackson County officials square off in 2018 budget dispute

Bill Grady
January 03, 2018 - 4:12 am

A budget showdown could be in the works for the Jackson County Legislature Wednesday afternoon. 

County Executive Frank White did not like the way the 2018 budget was laid out and responded by issuing orders that would restore funding for several upper level positions that legislators cut. White also imposed a hiring freeze. 

White is reaching beyond his powers, said Dan Tarwater, 4th District Legislator.

"The county executive is a minor bookkeeping function of county government," Tarwater said. "They don't have power over the budget. That is what the legislature does. We made the changes in there." 

Tension has been growing between White and the legislature over multiple issues, including continuing problems with the county jail and White's unpopular chief of staff, Caleb Clifford.

Wednesday's meeting includes a closed session in which county officials are expected to discuss legal matters. A speedy resolution is not expected.

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