Jackson County prosecutor wants to collect evidence of excessive force by police

KMBZ News Staff
June 04, 2020 - 12:15 pm
A demonstrator yells at police officers during a protest on May 31, 2020 in Kansas City, Missouri. Protests erupted around the country in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota while in police custody.

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Kansas City, MO - Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker says she wants to make it clear that her office has not pressed charges against people who were arrested for minor offenses related to the protests on the Country Club Plaza.

“My office denounces charges being filed against non-violent protesters,” Peters Baker said in a news release Thursday morning. “Based on calls to my office and after speaking to protest organizer, Henry Service, it is clear many citizens are confused and believe my office has filed charges against dozens of protesters who were arrested for minor offenses like walking in the street or stepping off a curb.”

Those types of charges against people protesting non-violently are municipal citations issued by the city. 

Peters Baker said she also continues to review “alleged police misconduct” and is asking for an investigation of one incident which she said protesters were pepper sprayed by police.

We are later today launching a web page at our website to collect any other evidence, including videos, of excessive force by police,” Peters Baker said. “Individuals can make these submissions anonymously, if they wish. We also will review any case submitted by police to us regarding any individual throwing bricks, rocks, bottles or other dangerous objects.”

Four Kansas City residents have been charged by Peters Baker’s office in connection with thefts from stores on the Country Club Plaza during last Saturday night’s “unlawful protests.”

A Kansas City man has also been charged with a felony after allegedly posting on social media a suggestion that the Walmart in Raytown should be looted.

“Those were burglary/theft cases against individuals who were involved in looting of plaza stores last weekend,” Peters Baker said.

“These are the only cases related to the protest that my office has filed. None of the individuals charged in those four cases related to Kansas City protests remain in custody."

Peters Baker said the man charged in the Raytown Walmart case caused a major police response.

“A Kansas City man was charged with a misdemeanor terroristic threatening charge after he encouraged in social media posts the looting of the Walmart store in Raytown, attracting individuals to the store for the event and causing a major police response to the store, as well as its evacuation. He also has been released from custody.”

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