It's "Fountain Day" in Kansas City!

The day the water turns on

Dan Weinbaum
April 12, 2017 - 12:37 pm

Kansas City, MO - While not exactly a holiday, Fountain Day in Kansas City is a visual cue that we're leaving Old Man Winter behind and hurtling headlong into Spring. Open that faucet!

Most fountains around the city are dormant through the cold months to stave off issues with frozen pipes and cracked basins. Although there's one fountain that remains flowing through winter in the Northland that draws spectators for its interesting ice features, and it's quite fun and inspires a lot of oohs and ahhs.

Kansas City styles itself "The City of Fountains" and claims to have more water flowing features than the Eternal City. Now, apparently no one has really counted Rome's fountains, but KC has counted its fountains and... well, it sounds good. Want to see the list? 

There's even a foundation dedicated to documenting, preserving and celebrating the city's fountains.

So today is the official day that the fountains come on - splat splatting water, delighting onlookers, providing backdrops for selfies and wedding pics, and eliciting squeals of delight from children who just. can't. wait. to. run. in. them.




A sampling of some of the fountains around Kansas City:


Did you even know about this one?


Aww, sweet.


And then there was this woman in 2013 - a 25-year-old dubbed "Fountain Mom" who needed to cool off and waded into the fountains at Kauffman Stadium. She got in trouble, became a minor sensation, and even got her own parody twitter account.



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