Is spring on our doorstep? Despite warm weekend ahead, forecasters aren't so sure

KMBZ News Staff
February 28, 2020 - 6:28 am
Woman sheds winter coat as spring approaches

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Don't let the warm, windy conditions this weekend fool you, we're not out of the wintry woods just yet.

A report from CNN says that much of the United States could see its earliest spring in a century this year, but forecasters closer to home speculate that we might just be in a portion of the country with temperatures closer to the mean, according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Spencer Mell. 

"Right now, our outlook is for an equal chance of above normal, normal, or below normal temperatures," Mell explained. "There's really no strong signal for what the temperatures might hold for us for the spring season."

Mell told KMBZ that while it's difficult to predict how much life old man winter has left in him this year, one thing is certain: it could be yet another bad year for flooding. 

"Across the area, we've been wetter than normal since October of 2018, so that's a prolonged wet period," Mell said. "Also up north, they have had above normal snow in the headwaters of the Missouri River."

Enjoy the spring like weather while you can, though. Temperatures are set to fall again early next week before creeping back up into the 50s next weekend. After that, all bets are off. Forecasters say we could see a late winter snow storm, or spring could come roaring in. After all, it is nearly March. 

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