Insects in your home? The rain may be to blame

KMBZ News Staff
May 13, 2019 - 5:11 am

The wet spring in Kansas City is causing problems with bug infestations in homes.

As the soil soaks up the water, the bugs, primarily ants, have no where to go, so they look for ways to get inside. Experts recommend treating around the home with insectacide.

"My favorite product is Spectracide, triazicide with spreader-sticker," said Toby Tobin, longtime host of his own home and garden show Saturday mornings on KMBZ. "You treat from the foundation up about three feet, and then you treat from the foundation out about three to four feet."

Tobin does not recommending using insecticides inside the home, because of safety concerns. He likes glue traps to reduce indoor ant populations.

"If you still have a bad problem in the home, then you call a professional company," Tobin said. "Don't do pesticides yourself inside the home. Our homes are buttoned up too tight."

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