Infants need two flu shots, not just one, doctors say

KMBZ News Staff
January 18, 2019 - 4:26 am

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A Colorado infant died recently from the flu, and a factor, doctors say, is that the child did not receive a second flu shot.

For most people the flu vaccine is a one-and-done process, but it is different for infants and toddlers. They need a second shot for full protection.

"The first vaccine gets your immune system going, but the infants get a better response in that first year if they get a second booster shot a month later," said Dr. Steve Lauer, a pediatrician at the University of Kansas Health System.  

There is one specific reason for why influenza is so deadly for infants and toddlers.

"Under two years old, when kids are just smaller, most of the problems come up with respiratory issues, problems in their lungs," Lauer said.

Anyone who plans to interact with small children should get a flu shot. It is also important to wash ones hands and cover all sneezes and coughs, Lauer sai

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