Indian Creek not included in Kansas City flood control projects already under construction

Kara Marxer
July 28, 2017 - 7:06 am

Engineers with the city of Kansas City were working on flood control before Thursday's record flash flood that caused millions of dollars in damage around Indian Creek.

There are no flood control measures on Indian Creek itself, but that the city is looking into ways to mitigate the flooding that occurs whenever strong storms dump several inches of water in a short time frame, said Tom Kimes, engineer with the city's water department.

"It is a priority," Kimes said. "We have two other projects about to go under construction for flood control, so those would be first."

The projects to which Kimes referred are the Dodson levy near the Bannister complex and the final phase of the Turkey Creek project, which protects the Southwest Boulevard area.

In the meantime, preliminary studies have already been completed for Indian Creek, and the city may try to work with the Army Corps of Engineers to help offset the costs of flood control measures, Kimes said.

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