Independence lawmaker pushes bill to eliminate property taxes for seniors

Bill Grady
January 04, 2019 - 6:27 am

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A bill to eliminate property taxes for senior citizens will come up in the next legislative session in Missouri.

Republican state representative Bill Kidd of Independence will prefile the measure next week. It is being drafted now and could work one of two ways; an outright waiver of property tax or a 20 percent tax over five years, then the money would be rebated.

To qualify, homes would have to be paid off for at least two years, and the owner would have to be eligible for social security for at least one year. 

The measure could make Missouri more attractive to folks looking for a place to retire.

"You could make a good case, with Branson and a few other places we have, that we would attract a lot of seniors," Kidd said. "Seniors have money, they bring money and they vote."

"They vote with their money."

The big concern for school districts is that property taxes are a major form of revenue for education. Administrators do not like the idea behind the bill, but Kidd said the most recent data show the loss to districts would be $75-million to $105-million statewide. 

The state has the money, it's just a matter of reallocation, Kidd said.

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