Hundreds of students to compete in local Science Olympiad

Jim Cunningham
February 16, 2018 - 11:43 am
A student sits with her eye to a microscope, while another student stands to the left, holding a beeker.  A teacher times them with a stopwatch.

More than 500 competitors will be put to the test Saturday in the annual Science Olympiad

The students are taking part in 23 different events ranging in everything from anatomy to towers.  

Gabriel Means, a senior at Staley High School, is competing in four events.  "I'm doing Firmi questions, which is basically outlandish computations trying to estimate ridiculous numbers, like the mass of the sun in kilograms or something like that. You have no materials other than a paper and pencil."

Means also is competing in ecology, hovercraft and chem lab.

Staley Senior Marissa Daisy is feeling confident. This is her third Science Olympiad.

"I've never really been stressed out about it.  I've always just had a lot of fund building it," she told KMBZ. "I'm not ever really worried about my events because I know I'll get them done. I've been really successful the last three years," she said with a laugh.

Staley AP Science Teacher Greg Spiegel says the Science Olympiad covers science, technology, engineering and math.

"There are so many of our alumni that come back that are now doctors.  It's just so gratifying to hear them say, 'Look, the reason I got interested in medicine is because I did Science Olympiad. The reason I became an engineer was because I did Science Olympiad,'" Spiegel says.

Over 30 middle and high school schools are taking part in the Science Olympiad tomorrow. The top four schools advance to the state Science Olympiad at Westminster College in Fulton. The top two in the state will then advance to the national tournament.

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