Honeywell employees donate to once-homeless veterans

Bill Grady
September 11, 2018 - 1:25 pm
Cars sit outside the headquarters of the Veterans Community Project in Kansas City

In honor of the 17th anniversry of the September 11th attacks, employees of Honeywell Manufacturing are saying "thank you" to those who served.

They're donating toasters, coffee makers and other new household items to veterans that live in the tiny house village off 89th and Troost.

"A lot of these guys that come in here from Honeywell, they are military as well.  It's ingrained in our DNA to be able to give back to our brothers and sisters," says Brandon Mixon, co-founder of the Veterans Community Project. "We're not leaving any of our brothers and sisters on the street.  We're tired of that."

Up to 40 percent of Honeywell's workforce are veterans or have ties to military service.

The housewares will go to 13 veterans living in the tiny house village.

"These items play a very important role.  It makes it feel like home," Mixon says.

More veterans are set to move into the tiny house village in November.

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