Health experts: It's not too early to get a flu shot

Marc LaVoie
September 10, 2018 - 7:41 am

Even though summer just ended, healthcare professionals in the Kansas City area are already advising people to get vaccinations against influenza.

The U.S. is coming off one of the longest and most severe flu seasons in years, almost as bad as the pandemic of 2009 that resulted in more than 14,000 fatalities worldwide, including 3,642 in North America.

Some people wonder if it is a good idea to get a flu shot so early because they worry it may wear off before springtime. Marda Collings, a nurse practitioner for MinuteClinic, which has locations in CVS Stores in Kansas in Missouri, said it is not too early to get vaccinated. There have already been a few cases of flu in the metro this year, she said.

"The important thing to remember is, once you get that flu shot, it's going to take a good two weeks to really build up immunity in your system, so September is a really good time to get a flu shot," Collings said.

The Centers for Disease Control says everyone over 6 months of age should get vaccinated every year. They are especially worried about young children, anyone over 65, people with chronic illnesses or immunity problems, and pregnant mothers. 

As for that old wives tail about the vaccination making one sick, Collings says that is not true, but patients may be a little achy and feverish a day or two while their immunities build up. 

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