Greitens' resignation does not necessarily mean an end to legal trouble

Marc LaVoie
May 30, 2018 - 5:27 am

Tuesday's sudden announcement by Gov. Eric Greitens that he is leaving office Friday left many people wondering what is next for investigations into allegations against him.

The announcement came after Greitens' legal team met with the office of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. A spokesperson for Gardner's office said they had reached "a fair and just resolution to pending charges." St. Louis media reported that the statement referred to allegations of computer tampering.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker released a statement of her own, in her position as the special prosecutor, appointed to investigate allegations that led to a charge of felony invasion of privacy, which was later dropped.

"In an earlier statement, I said that my office will not comment about the case involving Governor Greitens or its review until our Office’s work had been completed. Given today’s events, however, we believe that a brief statement is needed.

In short, our investigation continues. In the interest of pursing justice to its fullest lengths, we will continue until our work on the case is completed.

Specifically regarding any deals we made with Governor Greitens’ attorneys, no deals were made by my office. Our review of this case, as I have stated before, will be pursued without fear or favor.

My office will not make any further comments on this case."

Greitens' attorneys have said that they do not expect charges to be refiled in the case involving his affair with his former hairdresser.

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