Greenline Loop could bring urban trails to the heart of Kansas City

KMBZ News Staff
September 23, 2019 - 5:44 am

Highline Partners / Greenline KC


KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Cities like Atlanta and New York have seen their urban landscapes transformed with trails for walking, running, biking and hiking right in the heart of the city.

A proposed plan in Kansas City could see a similar trail system formed around the downtown core in the form of Greenline Loop KC.

Brett Posten, Principal with Highline Partners, is working with local companies and organizations to promote and develop the project. He told KMBZ there's a lot of traction in the community for the idea. 
"We've walked part of the trail, we have thought through some of the logistics," Posten said. "We've worked a little bit with Downtown Council to help get them to adopt it as something they're going to help champion."

Mike Hurd, with the Downtown Council, said the plan would form a roughly 10-mile loop around greater downtown Kansas City, and would at least partially use existing infrastructure.

"One example is in the Crossroads, near the Freighthouse District," Hurd told KMBZ. "There are streets that are just very lightly traveled, but there are streets that are just adjacent to railroad tracks."

As of now, there's no timeline for the Greeline Loop project, and it's expected to be built in phases, if it ever goes ahead.

Because it's just a proposal, it's hard to say how much the project will cost, or where the money will come from.

The time is right, though, supporters say, and they hope urban KC can have its own jewel of a trail system in the not-so-distant future. 

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