Grand jury says Jackson County jail is dirty, crowded, unsafe & questions where the money has gone

KMBZ News Staff
May 11, 2018 - 4:42 pm

Kansas City, MO - A grand jury has returned with a detailed 71-page review of the conditions, policies and practices at the Jackson County Detention Center - and it doesn't paint a good image.

The grand jury writes in its report that it has concern for the safety and security of the corrections officers (COs), noting issues with overcrowding and understaffing. It points out one report it received that at one time there was a ratio of 2 COs to 190 inmates. 

It also writes that the inmate living spaces are not safe and that fights and assaults take place regularly.

And it mentions that inmate wellness is suffering as they don't have regular access to recreation or religious services.

It found that meals are often cold, often delayed, and occasionally not served, forcing inmates to find money to use at the jail's canteen store.

Further, the grand jury found the Jackson County Detention Center to be unclean and in disrepair, infested with rodents and insects.  

The grand jury is also troubled by the management of the jail's funding, finding that there appears to be appropriate funding, yet questions "what specifically happened to the dollars budgeted and spent for this jail's operations and facilities."

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker asked for the review in August 2017 following an FBI-led raid that uncovered a smuggling ring; a consultant's report revealing continued issues with overcrowding and understaffing, and which he called the facility one of the worst he's seen; and after four detainees were charged with attacking and beating a corrections officer.



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