No shortage of haunted places around Kansas City, say ghost researchers

Jim Cunningham
October 24, 2018 - 7:26 am

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A local team of ghost hunters says Kansas City has no shortage of scary places.

For nearly a dozen years, members of Kansas City Paranormal have walked down narrow hallways, climbed dark staircases and squeezed into a lot of creepy places.

Co-founder Jan Schoeler says the Veil Mansion and Oddfellows Hall in Liberty are a couple of spooky places that come immediately to mind, and the West Bottoms has its share of haunted sites.

"You have all those factories, and you have all those old building that have been renovated, or are just still sitting there to this day," Schoeler said. "The thing is, these buildings also have a story to tell, these buildings also have a history, and it's just a matter of looking into it and actually taking the time to find out about it." 
Every haunting is different.

"If you have a lunar cycle, that's just at the right timing, or a solar flare, perhaps, combined with barometric pressure and relative humidity -- every tiny factor needs to be correct for something to happen, and even then, you can be in a room with 20 people, and only one person will see," Schoeler said. 

Anyone who wants to experience a haunting should get permission to enter the site, do some research and bring some kind of recording device.

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