Gardeners prepare for KC's first frost of the season

KMBZ News Staff
October 10, 2019 - 6:10 am

v_zaitsev / Getty Images


Kansas City, MO - The first frost of the season is expected this weekend.

In the Kansas City Metro, overnight lows are expected in the low to mid 30s for the next few days.

Those with green thumbs will look to protect plants and extend the growing season.

One way to prepare for the cold temperatures is to cover outdoor plants, said Toby Tobin, host of his own lawn and garden show on KMBZ.

"On plants that are in the ground, they're going to need to be covered," Tobin said. "The covering is going to be very important, and you do not want to use plastic. Many people use plastic, but you do not want to use plastic, it just transfers the cold."

"You're going to use blankets, they're the best thing," Tobin explained. "Get out now and get little props put around, because you don't want the blankets to actually touch the plants."

It is a good idea to use bricks or rocks to hold down blankets to keep them from blowing around.

This weekend is the last good time to do fall seeding for cool season lawns, Tobin said.

It is okay to dormant seed the lawn between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so the new grass plants will germinate in the spring.

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