Future airports to rely on technology to reduce delays and improve security, expert says

Jim Cunningham
October 31, 2017 - 8:02 am

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Technology will enable passengers of the future to reduce wait times and other headaches at airports, an airport expert believes.

Any changes made at Kansas City International Airport will need to allow for advances in screening and passenger processing. 

In the next five to ten years, airport visitors will undergo constant screening, from curb to gate, through face and body recognition technology, said Dr. Seth Young, director of the Center for Aviation Studies at The Ohio State University.

Because they'll be able to screen and select potential nefarious people they can pull those aside for additional point screening, rather than have everybody at the airport go through our singular point of screening," Young said.

The idea is to allow most people to go along without being bothered, because 99.9 percent of airport visitors are of no danger to their neighbors.

The FAA also is working on new ways to pinpoint weather hazards, which will allow controllers to reroute aircraft and avoid delays.

The hassle of dealing with crowds scares away a lot of air travelers who would rather drive than spend hours at the airport. In the near future air taxis for individuals, small business groups or families will handle a great deal of flights of 500 miles or less, Young said.  

"It's being tested in places like Dubai, but the distances that these vehicles are traveling are actually a little bit shorter; it's less than 100 miles," Young said.

Whatever happens at KCI, passengers will demand more conveniences, like shopping, work spaces, free WiFi and name brand restaurants. People also like large, open areas. Newer airports are built with those desires in mind, Young said. 



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