Funerals for slain Wyandotte County deputies held in Children's Mercy Park

Jim Cunningham
June 21, 2018 - 5:43 am

Kansas City, KS - Members of the public and law enforcement officers from across the KC Metro and the country gathered at Children's Mercy Park this morning for a joint funeral service for two Wyandotte County Sheriff's deputies who were killed in the line of duty.

Deputies Theresa King and Patrick Rohrer were shot during an inmate transfer outside Wyandotte County Correctional and Court Services building Friday morning.

Brad Lemon, president of the Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 99, has been here before. This is the third and fourth funeral he's attended in Wyandotte County in recent years.

"I've gotten to the point where I was shocked the first couple of times (officers were killed)," Lemon said. "Now, I'm almost speechless when it comes to it."

WATCH the funeral service:


Following the funeral service, a processional will take the deputies' bodies from Children's Mercy Park to a funeral home in Shawnee. 

Around 500 vehicles are expected to participate in the processional. Multiple roads will be closed along the route.

It will roll from western KCK along State Ave. east into downtown KCK.  

From there it will travel south on 7th St and onto I-35.

The processional will exit onto Merriam Dr. at Antioch, and proceed onto Johnson Dr.

A portion of Johnson Dr. will be closed at some point between 11:30am & 2:00pm

Click the map to see the route:


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