French police officers train with Grandview PD

Jim Cunningham
May 09, 2017 - 12:40 pm
An officer watches as police in tactical gear move between blue and white buildings in Grandview

Three French police officers are getting a look at police life in the Kansas City metro. They're training with Grandview Police for the next two weeks, learning how their American counterparts conduct traffic stops to hostage negotiations.

Grandview police Captain Chris Rogers says terrorism in France is definitely on their minds.

"That always comes up when we're training with the SWAT team," Rogers says. "We all try to get as many tidbits as we can to bring back to our respective organizations."

The officers, who speak little or no English, are getting help from a translator. One officer told KMBZ's Jim Cunningham they're most impressed with the tactical gear.

"The tactical approach might be quite similiar to French training, but the equipment compared to what you have here in America is almost nonexistent," the officer said through the translator.

Their small town of 6,000 raised money so that they could come to America.


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