Four in custody after Facebook Live threat is uncovered in Hickman Mills district

Kara Marxer
April 26, 2017 - 7:02 am

Four people are in custody after they allegedly threatened a student at the Hickman Mills Freshmen Center.

The alleged threat came over Facebook Live. Other students saw the post and reported it to authorities. All four of the people who were taken into custody are males. 

A string of high-profile crimes on social media have occurred in recent days.

"People that are posting on Facebook Live are wanting attention from the public," said Sara Minges, a psychological therapist in the Kansas City area. "They're wanting to kind of put it out there, 'Look at me, look what I can do, I'm going to get your attention.'"

It is important to educate the community of the dangers of social media and to be able to check the balance between the real world and online personae, Minges said. 

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