Former Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders implicated in kickback scheme

December 07, 2017 - 5:07 pm

A new report from the Kansas City Star shows former Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders is under investigation by the FBI.

The article claims Sanders paid a disabled friend using campaign funds in an illegal kickback scheme.

According to reporting by The Star, Sanders paid long time friend Steve Hill hundreds of dollars from political action committee funds for work that was never done.  

Hill, a quadraplegic, says Sanders approached him with the offer in 2010, and he knew it was wrong.  But Hill says he justified it because of his disability.

He claims Sanders would hand deliver the checks from several political action committees, tell him to cash them and keep a few hundred for himself. Sanders left the county executive's office two years ago, going into private practice.

Hill says he cashed more than $60,000 dollars in checks, skimming off a few hundred dollars at Sanders' instruction, for work that he never did.  

Calls to Sanders' home this afternoon weren't answered.  

And the FBI would not comment on whether it is investigating Mike Sanders.





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